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The Best Condo Of 2018

Posted by admin on December 13, 2018
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Sunshine City Saigon Condo is one of the projects that has interior items of class, in accordance with the green, luxurious and modern standards that the luxury condo are applying popularly in the world.

The luxury of Sunshine city comes from imported furniture in each condo. In particular, a few details in the condo are gold-plated, promising to satisfy its owner.

Unique water music system at SUNSHINE CITY

The water music system is a very unique entertainment model, only appear in the high-class condo such as Sunshine City Saigon. With smart instrumentation and management, residents will enjoy state-of-the-art musical accompaniment in the central landscape of Sunshine City.


The condos are equipped with intelligent and modern management system, residents only controlled by telephone devices with the timer on request such as: automatic curtains, switches and lighting system, hot water jar, air conditioners, infrared receivers.

In addition, each Sunshine City Saigon condo is equipped with intelligent water meter, water meter data will be updated in real time via mobile application. All residents monitor water consumption continuously and actively use water savings. Comparative charts and statistics of water use per hour /day /month

For smart watches, homeowners can monitor electricity consumption, actively save electricity, compare electricity consumption during the hours of the day, week, month.

In addition, other devices can control the voice when are equipped with smart speakers of Google or Amazon.

Use 2 in 1 resident card

Dual-function integrated card with multiple utilities are only available at Sunshine Group. This is a resident card that is also a bank card:

  • Shopping and withdrawing money globally
  • Call the elevator, open the door, send the car, store points, access to swimming pool, library,..

Smart door lock

Homeowners can open – lock the door by resident card, password or fingerprint.

image ring in the elevator and elevator

The bell (called the Lobbyphone) is installed at the elevator door on the first floor and the basements of the condo. Homeowners can pick guests up when they come on the lobby.

In addition, when you press the bell outside the condo, the homeowner see who is coming.

Smart car park is only available at Sunshine City Saigon

Vehicle search in the parking lot through the mobile application: just enter the license plate will display the location of the vehicle parked and directions to find the .

Visitors can pay for the cost of parking fee through the mobile app and QR code

App on the mobile device

Allow to talk to the management of the condo for all matters

Instant solution from the management, it does not exceed 1 minute

Call the laundry services, cleaning, repair, shopping, points, …

Register your resident card, manage shopping points

Monthly bill payment

Call the luxury shuttle Sunshine Cab (shuttle bus of the owner)

Sunshine Pay e-wallet

Convenient payment via QR Code, Sunshine Pay e-wallet.

Sunshine City Saigon is not only attracted by its location in diamonds, but even the design and living space of the luxury that really makes future residents satisfied.

Trust – Care – Respect – Reputation
Address: 09 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0931 999 268

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