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Furnished vs Unfurnished apartment – Which type to choose?

Posted by admin on May 15, 2020
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As lands in big cities have become rarer and rarer, many people tend to choose to buy apartments instead of housing. However, when buying an apartment, you start to wonder whether to choose a raw handover apartment or an apartment with furniture finishing. In the article below, World Trade Realty will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the handover packages that developers usually offer. Normally, developers usually offer 3 main handover packages:

Crude handover apartment

Crude hand-over apartments are only handed over the essential core parts, without finishing parts such as water paint, ceilings, wooden floors, etc. The raw hand-over apartments will include two types of hand-over:

  • First type: New apartment with the frame, doors, water, and electricity. No room inside.
  • The second type: the apartment has rough walls divided between areas.

The apartment will be made according to the standard design and still have the following:

External walls and windows. (fixed and cannot be changed)

Technical box (fixed and cannot be changed).

Balcony (finishing bare concrete according to the common design)

Overflow plumbing and recessed wiring.

Brick wall partitions have built-in electric walls.

Ceiling concrete floor.

The sanitary area has pipes and piping available.

The drying yard has a pipe system available for the air-conditioner hot department.


  • The price is cheaper due to less construction costs.
  • The owner can completely design, decorate, and arrange the apartment as you like.
  • No need to worry about apartment interior quality.


  • It takes time to design and decorate the apartment.
  • Sometimes the cost for finishing and furniture is higher than the standard completed apartment.
  • The process of finishing the apartment will have to comply with the provisions of the investor: only allowed to use certain materials, construction during office hours, do not cause moisture, subsidence, etc. 
  • Cannot move in immediately

Crude handing apartments have the advantage of price and are self-designed, furnished, so it will be suitable with those who want to choose the best financial plan and have an idea of interior design.

However, when choosing a crude handover, you should be prepared because it will take quite a bit of time and effort to decorate the apartment. It is best to ask people who have experience in the field of design, construction for comments and suggestions to ensure the perfect quality. And finally, be careful about the time and money for finishing the apartment.

Standard completed apartment

A standard completed apartment has almost what you need with all the basic furniture. However, this furniture will not include electrical appliances, dishes, etc.


  • Customers can move in immediately.
  • No need to wait for construction.
  • It still can be designed according to the owner.


  • The price is higher than the crude handover. (cost of finishing, basic furniture).
  • Time to receive your apartment is slower than the crude handover one from 1-2 months.
  • Basic furniture may not look as good as in the original advertising image of the investor
  • Cost of buying additional furniture.

If you need to move in immediately but still want to be able to decorate the property as you like, choose the standard handover. You just need to pay more attention to check details of the basic handover furniture, check the power lines, wiring, pipes carefully, whether the walls and ceilings are moldy, broken or not, etc. to avoid risks, or later disputes with the investor. Usually, when you order a standard completed apartment, you will receive a standard handover furniture sheet, and this sheet is also attached to the sales contract. It is advisable to carefully compare the information in the sheet to ensure that it is not delivered or lacks quality.

Fully completed apartment

This is the third type of handover. Some special types of apartments such as penthouse, sky villa, condotel, garden villa, … or regular apartment with additional order, the investor will fully furnish it for customers.

The fully completed apartment will have additional items including the entire rough finishing, interior finishing, and equipment, necessary household items. Therefore, customers can stay in without spending time shopping, decorating.


  • Can move in and live immediately
  • Do not waste time and extra shopping costs.
  • The apartment will be completed similar to the sample apartment, customers can refer to it to make a decision.


  • The price is higher 
  • You must choose a reputable investor, otherwise, it will fall into the situation of handover apartments of poor quality, not as good as sample apartments.

If you need immediate housing or the design of a model house suits your desires, you can choose a fully-furnished apartment. You need to choose a reputable developer, and you should spend time visiting the previous projects of the investor, checking the complete quality to make sure you get the apartment you want.

Three types of handover apartments have certain advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and financial capacity, you should choose the most appropriate handover plan. Regardless of the standard, you should carefully research the project and choose a reputable investor to avoid unnecessary risks. In order to fasten the process, you can consult a real estate agency to have more information and advice.

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