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Can foreigners rent out property in Vietnam?

Posted by admin on November 29, 2019

Under the new regulations, there are no particular restrictions for foreigners to rent out real estate in Vietnam.

But, in case you decide to rent out your property, you should first report this to the housing authority in your district.

Also bear in mind that you’ll need to pay a personal income tax (PIT) plus a value-added tax (VAT) of 10% of the total yearly rental income.

Your agent can help you to find tenants and to draft the tenant agreement. In case your tenant moves out, they’ll found you a new one.

The tenant should pay you a deposit of 1-3 months rent (generally 2 months) that you can keep in case the tenant decides to leave the property earlier than your contracted time.

What should I include in the rental agreement?

Be sure to include the following items in your rental agreement:

  • Your’s and the tenant’s name and residence address
  • The rent to be paid and how the tenant will pay you
  • The rental period (usually 6-36 months)
  • When the property will be available to the tenant
  • Make an inventory list (what furniture and appliances that belong to the property)
  • What rights and responsibilities that you and the tenant have (for example, keeping down the noise level after certain times, right to use your parking space)
  • Signatures and date



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