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Townhouse and Apartment – What To Consider?

Posted by admin on August 12, 2020
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Currently, due to the increasing demand for housing, along with the tightening policy of the government, the apartment projects have become scarce. As a result, the price of the apartment was pushed up quite high, with the project on par with the townhouse segment. The difference in price is not too significant, leading to the general question of many people who are looking for a new house: with xx billion, they should choose to buy an apartment or townhouse? World Trade Realty offers a few things to consider when it comes to this question.

The object of comparison in this article is an apartment of 5-7 billion VND with an area of ​​100-110m2, with nice furniture, and a townhouse with the area of ​​36-40m2, a car can get to the alley (affordable interior, need to be repaired). In terms of area, 100-110m2 of the apartment, and 38-40m2 x 3 floors building, floor area is similar.

1 / Living environment

Apartments (10th floor or higher) will often have less mosquitos, flies, less dust, noise, and have fresh air. Meanwhile, townhouses, if you can find a polite area is perfect, but most of them will have some common problems such as flies, mosquitoes, noise, trash in front of the house, sometimes there are some problems with the neighbor.
In terms of safety, apartment residents will feel more secure when the management and security are on duty. Townhouse, security is not guaranteed, the owner must be careful.

2 / Amenities

This is a plus point for the apartment segment with facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, etc., which will bring convenient lives for people. Meanwhile, townhouses of course will not have this.

3 / Ability to build, renovate and design

The townhouse segment will be more convenient in terms of construction design, the owners can build and design as they like. The apartment building will have to follow the design of the investor, although some investors agree to allow the buyer to change the design, it is also limited, and will have to go through more procedures.

4 / Legal

Most of the townhouses currently have pink books, so buyers know that they will own the house for sure. For an apartment, if you want to buy a new project, you will have to wait a while to get the book, there are cases where the investor has lost more than 3 years because of related legal issues. For the apartments with books, the construction time is quite long, sometimes the apartment has deteriorated so buyers will also need to repair.

5 / The value of capital preservation over time

The townhouse segment will always increase the price and make a profit for the owner because of the “golden inch of land”. The apartment building will have to depend on the project location and the state plans. In addition, apartments are usually only profitable in early-stage (booking, newly handed over).

With the above points, World Trade Realty hopes to help you better understand and make the right decision.

Credit: Le Tuan Anh – Dien Dan Bat Dong San Viet Nam (Facebook Group)

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