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Who are we?

World Trade Realty is a young, multi-national, multi-talented and professional real estate company located in Ho Chi Minh City. We can help you buy, sell and rent any type of luxury property in Ho Chi Minh such as: apartments, luxury condominiums and villas. With our agency, we can help you manage your real estate related operations in a convenient and easy way through our personalized services.

Our company is constantly striving to become #1 leader of luxury and foreign ownership in real estate market segment as well as a trustworthy investment consulting company dealing with rentals, sales and property management.

With the fast growth of the Vietnamese economy and over demand for luxury properties among foreigners, we address this need by organizing Vietnam Investours “Inbound and Outbound” for our foreign clients to come and invest in Vietnam and other countries worldwide with total piece of mind. We offer you our professionalism through our network of experts and professional real estate agents and agencies. All while following our core values of Trust, Care, Respect and Reputation.

Our objectives

With a strong base in Vietnam, World Trade Realty reinforces its presence worldwide with its network and its reputation to become #1 trusted company in Vietnam.

By providing the best Real Estate solutions to our clients, we aim to not only meet their investment criteria but to also answer all their questions in a transparent manner and alleviate any of their concerns about investing in Vietnam.

Our staff takes into consideration your desires and needs. We will support you until the completion of each property deal.

Our values


We rely on the ‘speed of trust’ earned by our Ability and Integrity. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism and earn your trust.


We care for our clients like family. We believe that if we treat them like family, they will reciprocate and treat us the same back.


We respect and listen to our Client’s and view any negative feedback as important information that shows us where we can improve. Our Client’s are never wrong and we will find a solution for their needs.


Our good business Reputation has been built over many years as a Trusted Company in Vietnam and we know how easy it can be for this reputation to be ruined by one act. Which we would never do!

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